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2013-08-22 07:38:32

Performers: the agencies r having a meeting on Wednesday. One thing we can all do to support our black peers is to call our agents & urge them to refuse bookings from companies that pay performers based on skin color, or accommodate performers with “IR Rates.”

please stop tagging me in other performers posts that have different views than me. I'm not going to be an angry black girl that you can sic on others for entertainment. I only try to have a dialogue, especially a public one, with with people who I think are good at heart.

I'm getting some really sweet messages from other performers, and just one or two saying I destroyed my career. When the smoke clears and we can shoot with other people, I'd rather work with ppl who will condemn police brutality instead of only speaking up for property's sake.

There are multiple ways to support. Here’s a helpful list of community bail funds listed by state that we can donate to right now:

I've been trying to be the quiet calm peaceful polite anti stereotype my whole life and it DOESN'T CHANGE SHIT it's time to be ANGRY

I'm DONE if you have a problem with the protests and you're in porn,block me, put me on your no list, don't fucking talk to me in public, NOTHING I don't fucking care if it runs me out of the industry, I'll pop pussy for onlyfans all fucking day before I shoot with another racist

if you take a higher rate for ir then just block me right now with your stupid racist rancid cunt.

There's a reason why they don't teach about Malcolm X in schools as much as MLK #BlackLivesMatter #riots2020

There's a reason why they don't teach about Malcolm X in schools as much as MLK  #BlackLivesMatter  #riots2020

I wanna know why an old cop car was abandoned in the middle of the street right in front of a bunch of angry protestors of police brutality this. shit. was. planned.

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